Allah Promises is True

People may promise you thousands words

They may broke you thousands times


Allah promises always true

People may say they love you to the moon and back

They may broke you down to the hell and back


Allah love you forever here and after

An eternal love

People may say everything I do,

I do it for you

In return they may hope everything given from you


Allah do everything for you

Allah no need something from you

People may lie

They may honest

No body knows about the heart


Allah knows everything

Nothing could hide from Him

People may let you down

They broke your heart


Allah always provide what you need

His helps comes as you asked

People may stay and leave you alone

They come and go as they wish


Allah never leaves even when you leave Him

Allah is always here

Deep within

Allah is always with me, with you, with us

Allah listens to every hope, every wish, every pray

Wipe away every tears, every pain

Hold your tears, doubt and fear with His promise

That there will be ease after hardship

That there will be ease after hardship

Only for those who believe
And never let grief breaks their faith

La tahzan innallaha ma ana

Don’t be sad,
Allah is with me

Rumah Media Grup /Eaglezoyarohmah